Themaopdracht 8 - Hartslagmonitor  2013 - Martin Rijntjes
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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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oCarmboardInterface to some peripherals of the HU ARM board
|oCchipPins of the LPC2148 chip on the board
|oCinput_output_pinPin that can be configure as input or output
|oCinput_output_pin_mktInput-output pin implemented using the mkt_ routines
|oCinput_pinInput pin
|oCLCD2x16 characters LCD on the board
|oCLEDs8 LEDs on the board
|\Coutput_pinOutput pin
oCdisplayLinesTwo lines of 16 characters
oCHeartbeatListenerThe listener class to implement to recieve Heartbeatdata from a Heartbeat object
oCHeartbeatSensorProvides an easy to use interface to the heartbeat input on the armboard hardware
oCkeypadStatusKeypad "Mode" & "Set" status
oCProcessDataStateNew data for the PocessDataState to work with
oCprocessedDataAll data availible after processing a heartbeat
oCRTOSStatic class, namespace-like container for RTOS declarations
|oCchannelWaitable data queue
|oCchannel_baseRTOS private implementation class
|oCclockFree-running clock, ticks at a fixed frequency
|oCeventSet of things that can happen, or a thing that has happened
|oCflagBasic synchronisation mechanism
|oCmailboxSynchronous handling over of a data item
|oCmailbox_baseRTOS private implementation class
|oCmutexMutual execlusion semaphore
|oCpoolPlace to store and rectrieve data, no built-in synchronisation
|oCpool_baseRTOS private implementation class
|oCtaskIndependent thread of execution
|oCtimerOne-short timer
|\CwaitableAbstract thing that a task can wait for
\CtimeTime ready to display in 'h1'h2':'m1'm2':'s1's2'.'ts'